Bridal makeup should be the perfect balance between looking amazing on camera and flawless and natural in real life. We want our brides to feel like an elevated version of themselves, and they should recognize the person in the mirror after the application is complete! A makeup session begins with analysis of skin, then we prep the face accordingly based on the client’s skin type. Prepping the skin properly is vital to the lasting power of the makeup. Then we move on to the makeup application, blending every step of the way for a relaxing, flawless application. Makeup is finished with setting spray so it lasts all night long.


Bride: 60 minutes

Bridesmaid: 30 minutes


I compare bridal hair to construction; you need to build a solid foundation for the style to be secure. On a wedding day we can be up against the elements and want to ensure that your hairstyle will endure, yet look soft and effortless at the same time. All hair styling sessions start with analysis of the hair. We assess texture, length, color, and the look you would like to achieve, then we start building and sculpting the perfect style. When we are finished you will feel like you are heading out to walk the red carpet with a flawless style that lasts from first look to last dance.


Bride: 60 minutes

Bridesmaid: 45 minutes


Individual Eyelash Application: We use a blend of different lengths and colors of individual eyelashes to achieve a look that is comfortable and customized.

Hair Extension Application: Some clients want to add more length and body to their hair. To achieve this, we recommend the use of clip-in hair extensions. Not only are they comfortable, but they last all night and add to the staying power of your hairstyle!

On-location touchups: After the hair and makeup is complete, brides have the option to hire their artist to stay as long as they’d like! Whether you want someone there to blot your happy tears, make sure every hair is in place for the photos, or to do a hair and makeup change after the ceremony, we are there to help!




We believe that bridal hair and makeup is a collaboration. In designing your bridal look (or looks!), it is the merging of the bride’s vision and the artist’s expertise. Prior to the consultation, we ask that the bride put together a mood board or a Pinterest board with images of inspiration hair and makeup as well as photos of their dress, venue, and general aesthetic of their wedding. At the consultation, we review the imagery and discuss the look we want to achieve. The bride has the option to focus on one makeup look and one hair look, or we can book extra time for an exploratory consultation where we try out several looks.  For destination weddings or multi-day events, we help the bride to curate looks for each event and outfit. We asses as we go and make tweaks until the bride is in LOVE with her makeup and hair. We then fully document the details of the look to use as a reference on the wedding day. Kacie can also help to curate the bridesmaid’s hair and makeup looks. She will suggest several looks for them to choose from that are cohesive and represent each person’s unique style and personality. The consultation isn’t just a time for hair and makeup, it is also the time for the bride and her artist to get to know each other so she can go into her wedding day with calm energy and confidence that she will look her absolute best.


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